The Best Guest WiFi

“We want our guests to have the best WiFi experience when they stay with us”

Challenge accepted.

Our customer runs a 4 star hotel on the Sunshine Coast targeting holiday makers, business travelers and people escaping the city for a weekend. In their market research, our customer decided that one of the ways to make their hotel really stand out was excellent in room entertainment options and cracking WiFi.

So they called us.

Using standard NBN internet services (the ones that cost about $100 per month) we delivered a WiFi solution across the entire site that delivers day in and day out. Typical usage by guests exceeds 4TB every month. That’s a lot of movies. In their 5 star review one guest commented that “Free WiFi topped out at a whopping 180Mbps”. Competitive market advantage? You bet.

That’s the Talk Business Technology difference. Contact us to find out more:

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