The One Thing Every Business Should Do To Increase Productivity

How To Increase productivity
We’ve all been there. You’re sitting with a phone sandwiched between your ear and your shoulder, as you tap away on the keyboard and respond to increasingly frustrating requests for answers from colleagues to get everything working again. You end up ringing three or four different customer service departments; they tell you AGAIN that there’s nothing they can do. It’s the responsibility of the software company or the internet provider or the … You want to bang your head on the keyboard repeatedly. Instead, you hunt down chocolate.

On the one hand, now is an exhilarating time for businesses. Technology is developing at a whirlwind rate across telecommunications, server, application, internet, desktop and the security environments. Innovations are leading to significant cost-saving efficiencies and increased productivity.

On the other hand, there so many components of technology to monitor, integrate and keep up to date, and the pressure on small and medium enterprises is sometimes overwhelming. Like an ever-evolving jigsaw, the choices to sift through, evaluate and piece together are enough to have the most tech-savvy employee reaching for a scotch.

This is why integrated technology suppliers are becoming increasingly important to businesses. An integrated technology supplier understands your business holistically and what you are trying to achieve. They come up with a multi-faceted system that works best for your company across many categories. Some businesses just choose to integrate a few components like telecommunications and data. While for others, it makes sense to have their telecommunications, data, desktop, server and security all managed by the one business.

Some small and medium enterprises choose to deal with multiple suppliers to get the best deal. That’s fine if you have the time and technological know-how to integrate the numerous components. However, it’s often not worth your time and effort when everything falls in a heap, and something goes wrong. Respective IT-customer service departments usually start blaming each other for the fault.

There is no one, apart from you, who understands your businesses technology objectives, how they tie into your systems and processes and the strategy implemented to deliver them. That is an enormous responsibility and role to take on. When things go wrong, or it’s time to update, and you still need to manage the day-to-day along with any other projects thrown your way. Integrated technology suppliers have such an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge of both your business and telecommunications that they can expertly advise and if you prefer, perform the function of a chief technology officer at a fraction of the cost.

If you do decide to deal with individual suppliers, what may appear to be a cost saving with one company, may mean that another component of your IT and communications systems end up being more expensive to compensate. This is where an integrated technology supplier can assist. A good provider of integrated services understands your business thoroughly, knows your business objectives, how you use technology and how all the parts work together to generate the outcomes that you need. They are experts in all aspects of information and communication technology. Therefore, they have the knowledge and expertise to discover ways to save you money and increase your productivity, all the while making your life easier.

As Sarah Loveday from Loveday Electrical said, “One of the best parts of using an integrated tech supplier is that it makes everything so easy. We have one partner who knows our business, and if they can’t help us, they do all the leg-work to get an answer for us.”

When you have a partner who knows your business, customer service and getting things fixed becomes so much more straightforward. Your partner understands how your company works and how you use the technology, once again saving so much time and explanation down the track.

Integrated business technology suppliers also know what you are trying to achieve in the long-term from a business perspective and look to future-proof your business for the growth to come.
They then analyse your existing technology and look to where you can make some cost and productivity efficiencies.

Ease and efficiency were two of the many reasons that Kerry from Melrose Meats has integrated his mobile, PABX, voice, IT and data components of his business. “Talk Business Technology understand our business and how we operate. It’s all just so much easier. “

If there’s one thing you should do to increase your businesses productivity, it’s to review your IT and telecommunications requirements with an integrated supplier. When you combine your IT and telecommunications services you reduce your risk of things going wrong; you have ongoing cost certainty and an increase in productivity with communication and technology solutions that are tailored just for your business. It really just makes sense.

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