The New iPhones – What We Know.

Apple has released the new iPhone range and there are three notable things apart from the increased feature set.

  • They are more expensive
  • There are less colours to choose from
  • There are less options for memory size

Pricing is as follows:

iPhone 8 64GB: $1079.00
iPhone 8 256GB: $1329

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: $1229.00
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: $1479.00

iPhone X 64GB: $1579.00
iPhone X 256GB: $1829.00

Colours are Gold, Silver and Black.

The iPhone 8 will be available before the end of September, but reliable supply isn’t likely to kick in till November.

The iPhone X will be available early November, but reliable supply is anyone’s guess and could easily be the new year.

If you’re keen to reserve your handsets please get in touch.