Is your Business Network Secure? Answer is Possibly Not

Every day thousands of attacks are made on individuals and businesses around the world. Australia is the 11th most attacked/hacked nation in the world and Brisbane is only 2nd to Sydney as the most attacked city in Australia by a small percentage. Without the correct security and monitoring systems you could easily be a part of the 38% of users that have been compromised at least once in 2014 (2014 Kaspersky Security Bulletin, p11).

Attacks are so frequent that Kaspersky Lab have set up a live map that show attacks that their software is actively preventing. Imagine how many attacks are going unseen because of the lack of protection. If you’d like to see more click here.

We partner exclusively with Kaspersky Lab; one of the most advanced and experienced antivirus and internet security platforms available today. Our integrated process for managed services clients protects from cyber attacks that connected devices are subject to on a daily basis. Our service team are notified automatically and monitor for attacks on your services to ensure your complete protection.

One salient fact is that Apple devices have suffered an enormous increase in hacking activity given their increased popularity. Previously accepted wisdom that they do not require separate security monitoring is now out-of-date.

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