iPhone SE and why we think they will be very popular

Let’s face it, mobile handsets are expensive to buy and repair. For a lot of business customers they represent a significant investment and per unit are on par with a laptop or just about double the price of a workstation.

We think the iPhone SE will be popular for a number of reasons:

  1. Business customers are telling us that while their staff want iPhones as a corporate device, they are reluctant to spend $1300-$1600 for the privilege. iPhone SE is about half the price for a very similar feature set
  2. iPhones are easier to manage through mobile device management software whilst still allowing end users some freedom to use their corporate device for controlled personal use.
  3. Microsoft has a great suite of Office apps specifically for the iOS system, and having a cheaper handset with these quality apps adds to the attraction.
  4. Did we mention the price?
  5. Mobile plans are better value without an expensive handset to factor into repayments. Telstra’s $70 SIM only plan with unlimited calls/SMS and 10Gb of shared data per month is a great case in point.

There also appears to be a reasonable supply available, which will be a nice change from other launches of Apple phones in the past.

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