Telstra Security Report 2019

As our lives become more and more connected, cyber security has emerged as a top-of-mind issue for business leaders across the globe. With cybercrime increasing, organisations of all kinds are regularly experiencing breaches that interrupt operations, compromise customer privacy and in the very worst cases irretrievably damage reputations or steal intellectual property. Find out more Read more about Telstra Security Report 2019[…]

Telstra Security Report 2018

It has been a notable year for security across the globe. With events such as the WannaCry ransomware, NotPetya malware, the Equifax breach, and the leaking of hacking tools by a group called the Shadow Brokers, the past year has seen large scale cyber events dominate the headlines.

Small and Mighty

Many small and midmarket businesses aspire to more effective cybersecurity practices just like larger counterparts. SMBs are dynamic – the backbone of innovation and the poster child of hardwork. They run even faster and work even harder than enterprise peers. And they are exposed to the same cyber threats.

Cisco Smart Region Report

In the last 10 years, the South East Queensland region’s population growth has been consistent, with a cumulative increase of almost 25%. In the next decade, South East Queensland is projected to grow even further, requiring a potential large investment in infrastructure by state, federal and local governments to support this growth. In this report from Cisco, South East Queensland Read more about Cisco Smart Region Report[…]

Is your Business Network Secure? Answer is Possibly Not

2014 Kaspersky Security Bulletin (Key Point Summary) 1 file(s) 1.85 MB Download 2014 Kaspersky Security Bulletin 1 file(s) 7.72 MB Download Every day thousands of attacks are made on individuals and businesses around the world. Australia is the 11th most attacked/hacked nation in the world and Brisbane is only 2nd to Sydney as the most Read more about Is your Business Network Secure? Answer is Possibly Not[…]

Repelling the Cyber Attackers

For many businesses, the next wave of innovation and growth will likely involve intelligent analytics, rich mobile experiences, and “one touch” processes that require no further manual intervention. Success will depend on maintaining trust: consumers and business customers alike will accept nothing less than a complete assurance that the companies they engage with protect their highly sensitive data carefully in the Read more about Repelling the Cyber Attackers[…]

The Executive’s Guide to BYOD and the Consumerisation of IT

But consumerisation of IT doesn’t just mean bringing your own device to work and using consumer apps and services: Their influence is also changing the way traditional enterprise apps look, feel, and operate. Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 document management/collaboration server is a good example. Not only does its user interface adopt the Windows 8 “modern” look, but it also Read more about The Executive’s Guide to BYOD and the Consumerisation of IT[…]