Why Anti-Virus Software Isn’t Enough To Protect Your Business From Cyberattack – Part 2

Part-two in a three-part series outlining the best multi-level cybersecurity plan you can adopt to protect your business from cyberattack. We’ve all heard the horror stories about cybercrime. There are the news reports about the large-scale ransomware attacks like Wannacry that affected 400,000 devices globally. Then there’s the small business down the road who forgot[…]

Why Anti-Virus Software Isn’t Enough To Protect Your Business From Cyberattack

Part one in a three part series outlining the best multi-level Cybersecurity Plan you can adopt to protect your business from Cyberattack. In 2014 former Distribute.IT co-founder Carl Woerndle and his brother Alex lost their multi-million dollar business and their family homes due to a cyber-attack of unprecedented proportion. Distribute.IT was a business that was[…]

ISDN Switch

What You Need to Know About the ISDN Disconnection

We are definitely at a technology tipping point in Australia. As the National Broadband Network (NBN) tumbles across deserts, mountain ranges and bushland, existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure are being wound down to make way for the new. Telstra announced recently that the following products will no longer be sold and eventually disconnected entirely by[…]


Is your Business Network Secure? Answer is Possibly Not

2014 Kaspersky Security Bulletin (Key Point Summary) 1.85 MB Download 2014 Kaspersky Security Bulletin 7.72 MB Download Every day thousands of attacks are made on individuals and businesses around the world. Australia is the 11th most attacked/hacked nation in the world and Brisbane is only 2nd to Sydney as the most attacked city in Australia[...]

Repelling the Cyber Attackers

For many businesses, the next wave of innovation and growth will likely involve intelligent analytics, rich mobile experiences, and “one touch” processes that require no further manual intervention. Success will depend on maintaining trust: consumers and business customers alike will accept nothing less than a complete assurance that the companies they engage with protect their highly sensitive data carefully in the[...]

The Executive’s Guide to BYOD and the Consumerisation of IT

But consumerisation of IT doesn’t just mean bringing your own device to work and using consumer apps and services: Their influence is also changing the way traditional enterprise apps look, feel, and operate. Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 document management/collaboration server is a good example. Not only does its user interface adopt the Windows 8 “modern” look, but it also[...]