Case Study: Education Services Provider


The Challenge

Deploy 180 iPad devices for use by a field-based workforce to track sales activities within a 2 week period.

Our customer wanted to be able to manage the fleet internally but did not have the resources to set up a mobile device management platform.

Our Solution

Using the Meraki Systems Manager platform we deployed a standard profile to each device which gave our customer to ability to:

  • Locate any device at any point in time
  • Ensure that only approved apps and settings were applied by end users
  • Deploy additional apps to each device as required
  • Maintain an asset register of each device, the owner and home area

The Outcome

Our customer had all devices deployed within the timeframe required. They are now able to identify where each device is at any point in time, as well as control what applications are being used on the device.

They are also reducing the amount of time required to keep their iPads up to date and the time required for staff to bring their devices back to head office for regular maintenance.

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