Case Study: Building and Construction Services


The Challenge

Our customer was wasting time and money dealing with multiple suppliers who frequently blamed each other for issues as they arose with their network.

Common problems required investigation from more than one supplier which resulted in multiple bills for relatively simple problem resolution.

Our customer felt that they were not getting a high level of service from their IT company due to their size, and the prospect of evaluating their best course of action with their upcoming migration to the NBN was the trigger to review their situation.

Our customer has multiple suppliers across the spectrum of their ICT:

  1. A PABX system maintainer
  2. A telco for the fixed lines and mobile services
  3. An Internet service provider for their internet service
  4. An IT company for their workstations, servers and local networking
  5. A Telstra partner for their mobile handsets and tablets (that’s us)

Our Solution

We proposed a fixed price support agreement to proactively maintain and resolve any issues with any of their ICT infrastructure. Given the breadth of the skills we are able to deliver this service in-house, with no external outsourcing.

We refreshed key pieces of equipment and reviewed their carriage requirements, simplifying and improving their telecommunications services to get better value for money.

The Outcome

Our solution means that regardless of the issue, their staff can call one number and get things resolved quickly. Given the majority of issues are resolved proactively the number of calls that staff need to make for ICT support has dropped by 60%.

Our customer meets with us regularly so we can continue to work as their ICT Partner and help them evaluate and execute opportunities in their business where their continued performance of their ICT assets is a key dependency.

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